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Now that I’m part of it, I see it everywhere. Isn’t that the way it always is?


When I frequent the store or park or  library, they are everywhere-

– seniors caring for children under the age of five, their grandchildren. Why is this?

Often enough,their children waited until their mid-30’s to have those grandchildren. So, when both parents must return to work, retired grandparents graciously offer their time for child-care.

I believe there is a bittersweet reason for this. It gifts grandparents abundant moments to embrace their never forgotten memories of raising a family.


Taking my granddaughter to a park, watching her play on the playground where her father once played, makes me recall his multiple adventures there.

Holding her hand to reassure her as she carefully risks the slide brings forth memories of when her daddy was just a bit scared of sliding too.  

Grandparents experience emotional reconnection with their grown children when they hold a grandchild’s hand or hear their laughter, laughter reminiscent of that child’s parent. Today, as I cuddled my sleeping granddaughter, I fondly recalled the very last time I held her daddy as he drifted off to sleep. 

These memorable life stories benefit grandparents, grandchildren, and parents. Remembering past memoirs and forming future memories completes life’s perpetual and on-going string of memorable moments.