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For years , I’ve been enthralled with this plant’s beauty. Its unusual upside down ‘trumpet’ flowers last for weeks. While I’ve often been tempted to purchase one, I’ve learned to be willing to wait, to give someone the pleasure of gifting me something I long for.

One ordinary summer Saturday, my husband arrived home with dancing twinkling eyes.

Guiding me to his car, I saw my plant buckled with tender loving care into the front seat. While there is a pale peach variety, they are rare. This one, he assured me, was my favourite colour yellow.

With equally twinkling eyes, I assisted with its backyard placement. Together, we monitored its daily growth. Summer was nearly passed before the first tubular bud made its presence. Together, we celebrated its profusion of buds, which was not unlike receiving a daily gift.

But, while everywhere else these plants blossomed with abundant yellow flowers, mine continued to grow more buds as the season changed into fall. We watered, moved and fed it, anxious that the colder weather would kill off the buds before any blossomed.

Instead, every day now we gaze together at an increasing trumpeting of pale pink blossoms.

These rare pink blossoms remind me 
daily of the virtue of learning to wait.

Waiting to be gifted this longed for plant has bestowed multiple bonus gifts of mutual shared pleasure.

It is the simplest moments in life that are the essence of the extraordinary, once we are willing to wait.