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196309_354299498010521_402835107_nWith Mother’s Day fast approaching, i was determined to find my mother a gift that would make her smile.

Even though I was only thirteen at the time, I knew she was having a challenging year, both personally and financially.

So, I asked her to accompany me to look for running shoes. I had an ulterior motive.

While shopping, I hoped she’d reveal a gift that she’d love to have, but did not have the money to purchase. Knowing her well, I could have bought her practical items. But, this year needed something special to lift her spirits.  

As we walked through several large department stores, I commented on items I knew she liked: pretty dishes, extravagant purses and once, even a painting. Preoccupied with her life issues, she barely even glanced at most of them.

But, after I bought my new shoes, she paused to stare at a particular mannequin.

“Wow”, she said, “Imagine wearing that.”

Ah, at last, a gift that clearly met my criteria!

537750_387474191341295_903780686_nEarly next morning, I returned to the store, excited that the mannequin still displayed its wears.

As I enthusiastically gushed that it was the perfect gift for my 45-year-old mother, the sales woman hesitated as she rang through my purchases.

“These are a little expensive, dear. Are you sure she’d really like these?”, she asked.

Well, of course, I was sure. My mother had told me herself. Price didn’t matter. Making her smile mattered.

On Mother’s Day, as my mother slowly pulled apart the yellow wrapping paper, I could barely contain my hands from pulling the gift out.

Frowning at first glance, she quickly smiled with motherly warmth.

“Why, honey, these really are something. They are so …unique.  I sure wouldn’t want to wear them out. I’ll wear them on only a very special occasion.”

Dangling the hanger awkwardly, she held up the outfit the mannequin had worn:

A sequins studded thick black leather bra- with matching panties, of course.

This Mother’s Day, mothers everywhere will open up equally tacky gifts-


For all they see is the love that accompanies it.

Happy Mother’s Day.