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” Wanna switch places? There’s more Christmas cards for a spouse over on my side.”

The diminutive man next to me looked up solemnly.482596_436459866431884_1818825136_n He began telling me about his ailing wife, who was unable to walk anymore, and was nearly blind.

He’d once navigated from log to log working on the Fraser River before finally becoming a fireman. Now this once muscular hard-working man tenderly navigated his wife throughout their house.  

After a lengthy conversation, I headed off to finish shopping. Turning back to smile at him, I watched him reach for yet another Christmas card.  

This elderly gentleman incarnates the spirit of Christmas evident in West Jet’s 2013’s heart warming youtube video that went viral. West Jet’s Christmas videos,including 20142015, 2016  are all examples of good will and generosity, essentially the spirit of Christmas.

When I passed the card rack half an hour later, he was still reading card after card.

I stopped immediately when I saw tears glistening on his wizened face.

537750_387474191341295_903780686_nHe solemnly glanced up at me, and as one, we reached out to embrace.

“It’s so hard to find the perfect one. To tell her just how special she is to me.”

This 92-year-old man was reading every card,

Every single card,

To find just the right one to give his wife-

His wife of 66 years.

His story won’t be a YouTube video.

His story won’t be full of surprise.

His story won’t be highlighted globally.

384155_428580197178250_1510214724_nYet, this aging gentleman embodies the spirit of Christmas.

His story is an enduring and endearing celebration of everlasting love.

He is the perfect card.

Merry Christmas.