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254623_354554164643065_231857164_nI admit I am a bibliophile .

I  thrive on being a life-long learner.

For me, there is a thrill in deciding to learn something totally new.

Whatever I determine to learn, I learn by immersion.

So, at my house, there are library books-






All on the same topic.

Now, you might ask: how can I have all these books, all on the same topic?

Don’t they say the same thing?

Isn’t it boring reading them all?


Every single author takes an ever so slightly different perspective on the same idea.

As I immerse my mind and emotions into them all, a synergy of understanding takes place.The authors embed their lifetime of living into enhancing and expanding a subject with their unique connection, but not only to the topic at hand.

For, as I immerse myself into the minds and lives of these authors, I am learning far more than they could ever imagine. I am learning vicariously all they have lived and read and experienced.

Books. I could never imagine my life without them.


Literacy Day

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