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10479988_439120949564529_4811504601313768767_nThis week, women in the United States are celebrating the climax of a 76 year battle.

Ninety-six years ago, a dramatic change to the 9th Amendment in the US Constitution formally gave women the right to vote.

Women today bask in the advantages and opportunities that suffrage brought to their lives.
Yet many are mostly unaware of the suffering the suffragettes endured  to achieve that first initial change- the right to vote.

So, while  I am not an enthusiast of Lady Gaga, I do appreciate this video parody that uses her song Bad Romance.

This parody displays the challenges the suffragettes endured in their pursuit of women’s emancipation and the brutal truth of suffragette Alice Paul. She was indeed sent to an sanitarium and forcibly fed via a tortuous method when she went on a hunger strike for women’s suffrage.

Thanks to this courageous suffering and tenacity of both well know advocates and countless women who supported the suffragettes, many of whom suffered physical abuse from their husbands, women today not only vote but are able to achieve any dream without hinderances.
In honour of their sacrifices, let’s remember these women and hope that one day all women globally will be empowered to pursue all their dreams.