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“You must do something to make the world more beautiful”.

Miss Rumphius was told these words as a small child by her grandfather.

But, as a child, she had no idea what that ‘something’ might be. 

When a child, do any of us know our future adult life, or where our life will be as it nears the end?

How then can we choose a way to made the world more beautiful?

Life consists of continually making choices, choosing one way from a multiple of ways.

In every single chosen way, opportunities arise for each and every one of us to leave the world more beautiful.

For some, it may be managing money, and blessing others.

For some, it may be raising children, and serving community.

For some, it may be sparking innovation and sharing discovery.

For some, it may be a simple idea.

Like Miss Rumphius, whose beautiful idea came when she was old.179709_613432588680936_939434399_n

She simply scattered lupine seeds wherever she walked in her small town.

Spring arrived with brightly coloured lupines blossoming everywhere.

We need not be world-renowned to live life in a beautiful crescendo.

We can simply be a simple woman with a simple idea.

Following Miss Rumphius’ example, we can choose to live life as fully as possible in the one way we can to make the world a beautiful place.

Even if it is in just one small way.


556620_362153563862515_329001886_nWho is Miss Rumphius?

She is a character in a well-loved child’s book.

Yet, is it fiction?

just look around.

There are lupines everywhere.


May my life legacy be as beautiful as I age well,  living my life in crescendo.