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1654005_858404227510854_7029487722950736556_n“Are those books all for you?”

Peering into my sturdy box with side handles, a woman at the library was scanning the 30+ book titles inside: Electronics in Action, Tadpole to Frog, Building a Better Mousetrap.

“Actually, they’re all for my children”, I replied.

“How do you convince your children to want to read these? I can’t make my son read anything.”


My answer: you can’t make someone read.

The goal is to present literature that makes them want to read.

May is celebrated as “get caught reading” month. What sparked and continues to flame my sons’ reading is non-fiction books.

If you want to ‘catch’ your children reading, check out the library’s non-fiction section of children’s books.

These are not the dreary and drab non-fiction books from years ago. Eyewitness, Usborne and Kingfisher are only a few book publishers that have realized it is visual appeal that attracts children

What interests your child?


There are more than ten children’s books on cars in my local library, all fact enhanced with graphic appeal.

So what if your child, at first, looks mostly at the pictures.

So will you!

How to Encourage Non-Fiction Reading

First, get a sturdy double handled box.

Second, head to your local library- alone.

Third, consider what interests your child.

Take out at least five books on each interest.

Fourth, leave those books all over the house.

Wherever your child sits down or hangs out.

Computer, bed and games room, or, the perennial favourite, the bathroom.

Fifth, do not ask if they’ve read them.

This is crucial.

Under no circumstances whatsoever inquire whether they have noticed the books.

Reading is for personal pleasure.

Hook your child into reading with books that are a pleasure to read.

What hooked my children on reading were books about real people, the real world.


Even my four-year- old son said, “No, mom, not the book about the talking bear, read me the one about real bears.”

So haul out a sturdy box.


In no time at all, your children’s beds will be covered with their eclectic interests.

And in no time, it will be your turn to be asked: Are all those books for you?