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It’s spring.

Time for blossoming flowers and bursting questions from my lads.

“Mom, if I stay in only our backyard, can I pick you some?”

I graciously accepted a bouquet that would close up and die before the day was done.

“Mom, when Dad lawnmows, how come those flowers don’t get chopped?

I graciously answered that the roar made them ducked their heads.

“Mom, can I water and feed these ones by the porch ?”

I graciously allowed my lad to experiment with these flowers.

For some, spring’s arrival means changing the clock, preparing the garden and cleaning the house.

But, these flowers mark spring’s arrival.

Some see these flowers, and gather to make salad or make wine.

Some see these flowers and mutter at neighbours who let them be.

Some see these flowers and discover soil enriched and aerated.

Appreciated and cared for tenderly, these flowers grew as tall as the young son who treated them like roses.

Even weeds in our life have value:
432128_603658939658301_1933942408_nSmiles for mothers

Food for the adventurous

Experiments for boys

Wishes for everyone

Weed or flower-

dandelions spring everywhere!