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Two critical and crucial words.

Both Freedom OF Information and Freedom TO Information.

Access to open government and access to open Internet.


But not guaranteed.

Thanks to a book I recently read, I realize we must ensure that they are guaranteed,

Without Their Permission relates the founding of reddit, an aggregate news/entertainment/social site.

Even though it is the autobiographical tale of Alex Ohanian’s start-up experiences, coupled with advice for other budding entrepreneurs, his ardent message is a personal pledge to maintain an open and free Internet. 

Ohanian proclaims the absolute necessity that every link on the Internet be created equal, with an equal chance to spread its idea, without a gatekeeper determining which ideas will or will not be ‘given permission’ to pass the gate.

Free access to and of information democratizes knowledge. 

Ohanian’s book offers his unique writing voice, infectious humour and optimistic enthusiasm. He inspires and motivates the reader to get out there and put their ideas into practice.

For, after all,  “What are you waiting for? Permission?”

To be one link on the the Internet should not require permission.

It only requires freedom.

Freedom to information and freedom of information is not a right. 

It is only a hope, not a guarantee.

This is the reason that it is necessary to stand up for these privileges, to proclaim that freedom to information and freedom of information is a right, not a privilege .



Without these two critical and crucial elements in our society, we will lack both the freedom to think and to share globally with one another; and the freedom to become more than the sum of our individual lives.

We need no one’s permission.