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72944_554834484540747_223998618_n“I can’t believe she has a university degree. Why isn’t she writing in her fields, politics and education? I’m shocked her blog posts are mostly just story fluff.”

Insulting words?

Not to me.

What most often creates change is what inspires us, a single moment that grabs us by the heart.

While earning my degree required due diligence to research and crafting well-ordered words, writing a blog post most often requires wringing out my soul before ordering any words.

While achieving academic excellent is worthwhile, it is often easily achieved.

Well, easily enough.

But, writing on the death of Canadian Cpl. Cirilllo or the tragedy in Paris is not so easy.

This requires searching within oneself to express universally heartfelt emotions.

Academic study is easy compared to breathing one’s soul onto paper.

In the blogging community, we bloggers share glimpses into those tenuous thoughts within the corners of our minds.The resulting blog posts have more potential to inspire others than any ‘A’ paper for a university course.

Suffering is not fluff.

Hardship is not fluff.

Enduring is not fluff.

Nor is writing on it.

From visionary Arts FB The recent events in Paris will ultimately makes their way into university courses. Students will analyze academic texts covering Charlie Hebdo within the context of the politics, countries and peoples.

Yet, after the papers are researched, written and graded, what will ultimately inspire real change is embracing the personal determination of those who lived well, according to their life mottos.

What intrigues and inspires us all is our personal human story, our life narrative, our shared humanity. Collectively and individually, we embrace the values of our mutual human legacy.

It is this legacy of our collective life narratives that will continue to inspire a movement which embraces common life principles, ones that most of us cherish and value.

398255_295555377217190_1958181133_nI still maintain detailed notebooks filled with ‘academic’ research. But, when I take pen in hand to write a blog post, I embed myself in what drives us all, our common humanity.

It will always be inspiring life story narratives that rouse us all to become the best people we can be.