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One Lovely Blog Award







I have once again been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award , an honour bestowed this time by http://sayadpoet.wordpress.com/category/awards/. Saya participates in the Daily Prompt of WP, posting highly varied posts.

Blogger awards demonstrate the encouragement that bloggers experience in the blogosphere community.

As with any award, I thank the person who nominated me (thank you, Saya); share things about me (gosh, but not too personal, eh); and reveal some bloggers I admire.

Several of my long time followers may have already ferreted out some of these personal details, well except for the last one, which doesn’t show in my blogging. Or does it?

1. I have five sons, all adults and all on their own now.

2. I returned to university later in life to finish the degree that I had began before any of them were even a twinkle in my eye.

3. I enjoy walking in the forest with no sound but nature, find viewing breath-taking mountains lifts my spirits and brighten my home with sunflowers. Hence the shining sunflower that banners my blog.

4. I am a compulsive life-long learner, immersing myself with both purchased and library books which grace every available space in my home.

5. I am a lefty in a righty world, which means I am ambidextrous but still confused about which hand to use for my computer mouse.

6. Oh yes, and I crave solitude. Solitude you wonder, while raising five boys, I found solitude? Isn’t that what bathrooms are for, so mothers have a place to just BE?

Bloggers to Check Out

These blogs that I admire are rather an eclectic crew. I enjoy being challenged by other’s unique thoughts and perspectives.

The first three post on the topic of writing. I have yet to read one of Bottledworder posts that did not inspire my writing.  Live to Write Write to Live is a community of professional writers who share their writing, as well as the craft of writing. They do indeed live to write. C.R. Lamothe is an amazing writer who expresses her thoughts so eloquently that I often write phrases from her blog down in my spiral bound ‘favourite quotes’ to cite and source book. Yes, it is indeed a real honest to goodness hard cover paper book.

Andra Watkins blogs The Accidental Cootchie Mama. Her posts are always fun and entertaining.  

Chrissy is a mom whose child has ‘superpowers’. He has autism. While there are many blogs on autism, I happen to like Chrissy’s.  As she says, her blog ‘celebrates patience and unconditional love, acceptance and tenacity’. Linda Peterson shares in Raising Five Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane about the challenges and joys of raising her five wonderful and special children.

Helen Meikle is another Daily Post blogger I enjoy, whose book Six Weeks in Summer is available for Kindle.

Janet Sheridan, a woman at ease with her age, wrote a Seasoned Life Lived in Small Towns and writes an interesting blog called Aunt Beulah.

 yellow sunflower in hand

Saya,who nominated me, lives in India. This reveals a benefit of belonging to a vibrant blogosphere community.

We read and often become friends with bloggers from around our world.

Since blogging has quickly become an integral part of living my life in crescendo, it is indeed ‘lovely’ to be recognized once more with this award.

I am sincerely touched.

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