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10351960_10152325262735745_4046531854253052132_nDriving around my neighbourhood, I see recycling boxes piled high with hidden treasures.

In what has become a yearly ritual, another parent furtively runs out to their curb with papers in hand, and while maintaining a watchful eye on their house window,  hides those papers beneath aluminum cans and milk cartons.

After hovering around the recycling box, guilt staining their face, they casually stroll back towards their house.

Parents engage in this covert task for a new school term has dawned.

School papers laboured over in last year’s grade, containing their children’s best efforts of art and print, are cleared and discarded, like trash.

No one holds onto all the hard work their children complete.

Yet, the secrecy is necessary to evade upset cries.

“But, you can’t throw out my work! I worked so hard on it.”

That universal sentiment rings true with all of us.

I tend to be rather ‘old school’, beginning all writing with pen in hand, first.

Writing does seem simple enough.

It is simply thinking out loud on a piece of paper.

Yet, just like the five-year old learning to print, learning to write well is a skill.

A skill that requires lots of practice.


Just as every prolific artist began with drawing only a stick figure, so too did every renowned writer begin with writing only a letter A.

All writing is a dialogue between a reader and a writer.

A dialogue that essentially requires making language sing the ideas that bounce from logic to artist side of the brain.


I personally love my initial writing with pen.

Until I read the computer printed revision-

Out loud.




To become a better writer and a better blogger, revision is an essential writer’s tool.582598_362881393789732_288119685_n

Revision creates a synergy between the two sides of the brain, making writing sing.

May you willingly layer your recycling box with treasures in transition.



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