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( A response to WP Prompt : Tell us about a time you (or someone else) said or did something unintentionally funny.)

“See you later alligator.”61280_403402256400489_791472898_n

“Grandma, I’m not an alligator!”

My mother often stated phrases puzzling to her young grandchildren, still learning the nuances of a language.

Naturally, this often created unintentionally hilarious moments .

While my mother lead an active life, her grandchildren frequently stayed overnight.

I think in part to enjoy meals at her house, meals which often consisted of slightly burnt wieners (dubbed winners) with lots of relish,” ‘cause that’s how they taste best’.

Morning meal consisted of a bowl of Froot Loops (never allowed at home) and a cup of Grandma’s coffee.

Theirs nine parts milk laced with sugar.

This requisite coffee was poured into a special grandson mug. Hardly pretty or elaborate it was an orange, plastic mug with off- white, plastic sneakers as the base, much like the feet you put on a balloon to make it stand up. Plastered with a thin black line representing a happy grin which stretched from one rounded, cartooned, blue dilated eye to the other, it just begged to be played with by a five year old grandson.

Fearing a spilling or other disaster, grandma repeated reminders to stop playing and just drink his coffee.

But, the funny mug fostered endless play, to the exasperation of grandma.

10247364_10152280069567141_1933702471_nFinally, she said,

‘Oh, would you just knock it off.’

So, he did.

As one, they looked down at the brown liquid soaking into her white carpet.

This grandson can still recall holding his breath…until she laughed.

She actually giggled relaying the story to me later.