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Feet in sand beach “Wait!

You can’t walk in the sand in your nylons!”


After dinner at an elegant restaurant, I insisted my out of town visitors walk at my favourite place- the beach.

While they insisted on keeping on their shoes, mine were instantly off.

There is nothing better than plunging toes into warmed sand.

Even if it happens through nylons!

So, I understand how Kirk Rademaker left his project manager job to become a professional sand carver.

Beginning sand carving as a weekend de-stressor, Rademaker allowed himself to ponder his shifting life perspective while sifting the sand; in this way, he reinvented his life.

As he is quick to point out, it was less a reinvention that a reassessment. Sand carving is a convergence of his life skills, simply utilized in a different life path. He is passionately utilizing his fine arts degree building ‘sand castles’.

A stunning example of Kirk’s company Sand Guy’s signature style.

Taking a leisure day of sand castle building often revives childhood memoirs and playfulness.

Quietly sifting through the sand, moulding endless bucket castles revives the pleasures of a simpler time in life, while offering time for quiet reflection.

Just as it did for Kirk.

Rediscovering what matters in life often arrives through creating a leisure time, a time to develop a skill or experience to resonate with long forgotten joys.

Following that leisure passion creates a fresh outlook on life, vital to living a life in crescendo.

Squishing sand and listening to waves at the beach always creates a moment of life discovery for me.

Even though working at the beach might be tempting, sand in the computer is not as enjoyable as sand between the toes.

Nor is becoming a sand carver likely in my future.

But, there is a potential perfect compromise:

feet in sand man at table

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