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women in bed with book words Wow,I can’t wait to get Amazon’s unlimited Kindle access for $9.99 a month!

Or wait, maybe not.

Long time readers know that I am a bibliophile.


So, what’s up with my reluctance to join the positive buzz?

A fair wage to authors.

Just Who will be losing out?

The Distributor?

The Reader?

The Author?

Initially, the distributor will make less profit, which will affect the wage of full time authors, who may no longer be full time, ultimately effecting voracious readers, as publishing houses have less money to offer authors.

It takes time to create an excellent work of fiction or non fiction. Time hard to carve out when an author must hold another job.

As a society, we must afford the opportunity for good writers to pursue the art of writing books, full time.

Obviously, technology is rapidly changing how we access everything from mail to movies to books.

Yet, even though this article comparing Amazon’s offer to Netflix for books mentions concern over destructive infinitesimal royalties for authors, it fails to answer that vital issue.

I am more than willing to pay a fair price for books to enable authors to pursue the art of writing books, full time.

A fair price that provides them a decent living, creating for all of us worthwhile unlimited books in the future, both e-book and paper.


Although, Jimmy Fallon does offer another valid perspective:

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