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It might seem crazy what I’m about to say, but,

Would you ask the speaker of these words WHY-

if you knew they were 2-years-old?

How about if they were 22? 52? 72?

Children need no reason to do something for the pure joy of it.

Do adults need a reason for doing everything?

Children need no reason other than it gives them happiness.

As we age, we often fail to enjoy being happy in simple moments of pleasure.

Children always live in those moments.

431272_355911501183354_470979142_nWhen they feel hurt, dramatic expression of pain becomes their overwhelming experience.

When they feel joy, dramatic expression of happiness becomes their overwhelming experience

As we age, we dampen our dramatic expressions to all life experiences.

I know I have.

Until, I sit sifting sand with a child.

Which is why, it might seem crazy what I’m about to say, but,

I understand the current craze over Pharrell Williams’ song Happy

It speaks to the universal truth of every age, country and people-

Our desire to be happy.

Its music and lyrics has generated a synergy of parodies in every age, country and people

Like this one:

As adults, our days of dramatic experiences of life and world events overwhelm us.

I know mine have.

Living in a moment of pure happiness is truth.

Listening, I find myself clapping along,

Because I’m happy.

Clap along, if you feel life challenges have no hold on you,

Clap along if you feel life moments are the truth,

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you,

Clap along if you feel happiness is what you wanna do.


Finding happiness defies the overwhelming challenges of life,

For happiness really is lived in single life moments.




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