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Written in response to Todays WP prompt: Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone.

Ancestry.com features ads on the benefits of learning one’s family heritage through learning the names of your ancestors.  

Each ad reminds us that there is a legacy of people behind those who live today. Spending time researching your family history is a worthy endeavor. But, for me, those names with their dash dates are missing a key element.

Their story.

My family has no written legacy of our ancestors. Yet, this is what I yearn to know. My own mother left a living legacy of her love, which shines on into our lives to this day. Yet, there is little known of her life story. We have lost all she could have told, now that she is gone. 

What is the story behind those names of your ancestors?

What is the story behind the photos?

It is precisely these stories that I want to leave as a legacy to my family.

While most of us are simply living our lives, working and playing, reading and sleeping, loving and learning, each of us is important in the continuum of life.

Each of us is an irreplaceable lived-life.

A lifetime can be conveyed in written snippets or vignettes that preserves a life legacy, a heritage for future descendants. A memoir embedded with life and love bridges the gap between generations and family members because of our common human experience.

We all have memoirs that are unique only to us. Each of our lives has special moments and mementoes. It is these we need to memorialize in our memoirs .

Just imagine how you would feel if today you unexpectedly receive a parcel in the mail that had just one life memory story for each person on your ancestral tree. How would you feel?

For anyone interested in family history, these memory stories have far more significance, as they are filled with the emotion and details that only a story can tell.

We each have a life story to tell.

With one son now interested in our family history, my hope is to gift a legacy of family memoirs for him to share with his descendants, long after I am gone.

We are all more than a name on an ancestral tree of lineage.

Imagine, it’s the year 2060, and one of your descendants has just sat down to read one of your life stories.

What one story could they read to know how you lived, what passions consumed you or what events filled your days?

166743_543466265693111_682731854_nStart with just one life story.

Just one memoir

Just one.

In this way, a family legacy is born, affecting your family history, forever.

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