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As I noted in my last post on a Gravatar, January is the month many begin blogging.

We bloggers have a rather determined compulsion to define why and how we write. In order to write, we need solitude. Yet, writing ideas most often are generated by thoughts that continually bombard us when we venture into social settings.  

For me, writing is like making coffee.  Noting I was out of coffee at dinner, I dashed to the store. While on the way, I reconsider which coffee to buy. Always keen to try something new, I ignore my first choice; it’s too similar to my current favourite. Reading the packages, I muse which blend of words entice and perk-up my taste buds.

At home, after re-appraising the pitch on the package, I prepare the percolator for early morning. The scooped up smell reminds me of songs, people and places, luring me into long forgotten moments.  While sleeping, those revived memories not only stimulate and entice my brain but heighten my longing for a first taste. Awaking to a unique aroma permeating the house, I realize this scent is not quite what I’d envisioned.

Ah, but inhaling that first taste flavours my day.

In the same way, my mind is a percolator, dripping thoughts, ideas and insights that will continually re-construct my life perspective and my writing. While sleeping, shifting through revived memories of songs, people and places entice my brain, heightening and flavouring new writing ideas. Awakening, I grab my bedside pen.


In my house of writers, when in the process of preliminary writing, we say-

It’s percolating.



Good to the last note-able drop.