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After posting my New Year’s Passionate Resolution
I read about One Word for 2014. Oh, I thought, this’ll be easy.

Immediately, I had three words to choose from: write, explore, and passion.

But, Cynthia stresses choosing a word one already does or will do this year is hardly a way to grow or to challenge one’s focus.

I will write. I will explore. I will be passionate in endeavours.

So, instead of pushing myself to Act Now ( which surely must be someone else’s word), I paused to re-evaluate the specifics for a year word on OneWord365‘s website.  

Alece Ronzino writes: “Your word can be anything you want. All that matters is that it has personal meaning for you. It can be something tangible or intangible. It can be a thought, a feeling, an action, a character trait. Your word will stand as a reminder, a nudge. Something you can reflect on, that will challenge you, inspire you. A touchstone you can return to time and time again to help you stay the course this year.”

While my life motto compares life to an instrument, it can also be likened to a labyrinth, a place filled with possibilities upon possibilities. Yet, a labyrinth has an unambiguous route to the center. While each possibility leads further and further away from other possibilities, all life choices should be heading one to core centre, becoming and being all that one is and can be. So, a touchstone word must assess the relative merits of a life possibility, an action or even a non-action.

In my unflinching process of determining a one focus word, I paused long to engage in contemplation. I refused to rush it.

And in pausing, my word discovered me. I want that labyrinth of possibilities to become only those that will focus on who I am and who I wish to become, so that I will live and age well.  

546898_537164789705567_1448928024_nIn order to reflect on life possibilities before acting on them, I must pause.


Pause to consider.

Pause to reflect

Pause to enjoy.

Too much of society suggests, I gotta rush, gotta choose, gotta act-NOW!

Pause to consider all the benefits before missing an opportunity.

Pause to reflect on another’s reaction before answering an email.

Pause to enjoy beauty before hurrying to an appointment.

The clamour of life choices requires quiet pausing to illuminate choice.

I must pause to let my mind catch up to my heart to transform my life choices.