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What object would you hang on your Christmas tree to encapsulated 2013?

As my readers know, I am passionate about being a legacy keeper. So this Christmas, I began a memoir gift tradition for my two year old granddaughter. Every December, I will reflect on her passion for the year, write a brief note on it, and find a tree ornament. As she hangs her life review ornaments every year, she will view life as a continual flux and flow of eclectic passions.

As I created her gift box of symbolic tree decorations, I reflected on what symbol I would choose for myself for this year.  Could I reflect on my whole life, creating a symbol for each year? Within each and every year, would there be a significant event or endeavour that I could encapsulate in an ornament? If not, what does that say about following my own passions in life?

As New Year’s is the traditional time for reflection and resolutions, I’m resolved to embrace my life motto for aging well by living a life in crescendo. In doing so, life passions will evolve and surface, just as they have and will in my young granddaughter’s life.

As this year’s symbol is being Freshly Pressed on Word Press, I will continue blogging. Yet, by practicing the pursuit of life passions, I envision there will be a new symbol next year.

A symbol that surely will evolve from finding and following a passion that is not yet revealed.

I look forward to being surprised.