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Opening a new bag of brown sugar for baking today, I was reminded of a massive fifty pound bucket of brown sugar I once had.

Years ago, my husband and I decided to buy a used deep freezer. With our group of growing young lads eating more and more, we hoped that, despite the initial high cost, the freezer would ultimately save us money.

The young man selling the freezer seemed taken aback at first when he opened the door of his small grocery business to greet us, and our tag-along crew. While our boys peppered him with numerous questions about his store, he quickly informed us he’d used the spare freezer for the deli meat, and it still worked fine.  As he seemed trustworthy, we bought the freezer (which still works). He offered to assist loading it onto our van.

Graciously engaging with the continued onslaught of questions from our four young lads, he finally asked, “Are these all yours?”

I wearily smiled,  “Yes”.

“Must be a bit of a struggle to feed them.”

“Not really. They eat anything. Well, as long as it has ketchup on it.”

“Well, I come from a family of six,” he stated. “I know we ate a lot. Money was tight for my parents back then,when we were all this small.”

Before we left, this young man practically donated to us huge buckets and packages of food stuff, including several large tins of ketchup.

Over twenty-five years later, one son still remembers munching on his favourite crackers every day, for weeks. 

What I still remember most is that seemingly endless bucket of brown sugar.

It takes but a brief moment to scatter life-long memories of kindness.