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As many new followers have just begun blogging – Welcome!-  I’m posting two separate posts this week on the topic of ‘Why Blog’. 

A fellow blogger in a 30 day writing challenge wrote that the contest made him ask: why blog. His responsebottledworder’s post and Gardner’s post are all worth considering.

The ‘why blog’ question made me think, too.

It is often said that nothing worth having comes easily.

How about a shared moment of laughter with a friend;

The joy of receiving an unexpected present;

A baby’s smile?

All these come ever so easily.

Especially when life is challenging, an appreciation for these moments comes easily.

While my blog does not usually reveal my continual and constant life challenges,  I do strive to overcome them on a daily basis (fit to write post) .

This is why finding joy in those easy moments comes easily to me.

While writing itself has never come easily to me, it is a joy to write well.

And thus, to love blogging.

So, why blog?

There is one essential that makes a blog worth reading.

Every single person has something unique to say, and often enough, a unique way to say it. I am fascinated by the uniqueness of individuals, their opinions and perspectives. I frequently subscribe or ‘like’ a blog because the blogger does not speak to my life perspective. In their own style and from their unique manner of living, they intrigue me by making me consider a idea from their perspective. I am not interested in reading ‘me’, again and again and again. I am interested in reading someone who writes in a way that makes me think. When I read someone else’s writing, in whatever format it takes, I am yearning to hear their unique voice say to me: Hey, have you thought of it like this?


I am continually amazed at the myriad of life perspectives and the dynamic ways to convey an idea, all conveyed in ways I would not have considered.

All the practical advice on blogging is worth considering, and there is lots of it.

But, what is most valuable in a good blog is that the blogger is authentically themselves.

Why I Blog?

To share my unique perspective on life- authentically.

We all need to be passionately who we are,

Always authentically- ‘me’.

Next time: Why Blog: A Reader’s View