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For years I’ve been enthralled with this particular plant’s beauty. Its unusual upside down trumpet flowers last for weeks. While I’ve often been tempted to purchase one, I angel_trumpetam willing to wait. I’ve learned to offer someone the pleasure of gifting me something I long to own.

One ordinary summer day, my husband arrived home late. Broadly smiling with his twinkling eyes, he took my hand, and led me out to his car.

There sat my angel trumpet plant, buckled with tender loving care into the front seat. He’d happened onto a roadside seller while diverted in traffic. While we were aware of a rare pink variety, the seller told my husband he only sold the yellow variety.

Summer was nearly passed before the first tubular bud made its appearance.

Together we monitored its profusion of buds, which was not unlike receiving a daily present of anticipation.

But, while everywhere else these plants blossomed with their abundant yellow flowers, mine continue to grow more buds as the season changed into autumn. We watered, moved and fed it, anxious now that the cooler weather would kill off the buds before we saw any of them bloom.

DSC05544Instead, a daily trumpeting of pale pink flowers blossom beside autumn’s colourful red, yellow and orange trees.

These rare pink flowers convey how it is the simplest pleasures in life that are the essence of the extraordinary , once we were willing to wait.