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Ninety-seven year old Hal Lasko learned to paint with a computer at 81.

Experimenting with what he saw and touched, he created his own adaptation.


This video reminds me of a recent trip to the beach to find tiny crabs.

For this adventure, my husband modelled the gentle technique for our cautious young granddaughter.

Look for rock, turn it over, swirl finger in water, shrug shoulders-no crab- hands up in air.

Go  look for another rock.

Traipsing behind him, she modelled exactly that: look, turn, swirl, shrug.

Before long, she looked for hidden crabs with her own technique, touched and turned tiny rocks with both her hands, swirled and shrugged at crab-less puddled water in her own spots.  

After finally finding tiny crabs, she adapted a new technique.

Look cautiously, don’t touch.

Touch tentatively, don’t hold.

Hold squeamishly.

Smile confidently!

Boldly creating her own adaptive techniques, my granddaughter is aging well.

Just like Hal Lasko.





Aging well.

it happens at every age.