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This is a rapid writing response to today’s WordPress Daily Prompt: A to Z. It asks us to create an original short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, A through Z.

There is this poem that says:

What are little boys made of?

Slugs and snails

And puppy-dogs’ tails,

That’s what little boys are made of.

So True.

But oh, so much more. Here’s what life raising five sons was made of:

Amazement at agility to swing on branches high enough to scarce themselves.

Bathtub rings of mud, experiments and bog slime from swimming.

Cats lunged, carried upside down, loved exceptionally.

Doctor trips taken for stitches, casts and concussions.

Eyes brimming with ‘we’re innocent’ boyish smirks.

Peter Only  1Flowers given with glowing smiles, picked from neighbour’s gardens.

Gerbil clinched too tight, tossed too high or within our walls.

Hugs freely given, kisses freely ignored.

Insects inside, outside, bottled, pinned.

Jumping monkeys on springy beds.

Keeping brotherly companionship, always.

Lego ‘land mines’ in every room.

Mother’s Day cards, soft with sentiment.

Noisy birthday parties, creative cakes, favourite dishes.

Opening wished for Christmas/birthday gifts, remembering thank you.

Punching, fist fighting bouts, quickly forgiven.

Quilts hiding flashlights, immersed in books.

Rambunctious quietened voices planning secret excursions.

Sandbox hours making castles, islands and exploding rockets.Peter Only

Torn-up mattresses braced on deep stairs, made to slide on.  

Upside down hanging from steel railings, benches and beds. 

Various war games, guns and toys.

Wet snow suits barely dried, worn again.

Xcessive ‘bodily’ noises, amidst delighted giggles.

Yelling out first: I get the front seat!

Zooming way too fast through childhood.

Play mobile characters on cake

Thanks to my lads for these experiences of so much love, laughter and pure silliness!

(One of many family ‘cake’ photos).