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Food glorious food, oh, that’s what we live for. 

What is it with food, especially comfort food? There are scores of books filled with reminiscences of travels and the food they ate, or memoirs filled with recipes and stories of ethnic foods that remind the author of home. 

We all have comfort foods. But, mine is not a traditional one from my childhood .

This particular comfort food requires an all day commitment from me. The tradition first began while spending hours with my best friend at university, who taught me how to make bread.  I quickly learned to make my favourite food – pizza! When my children came along, each one thrilled to the amazing reaction of yeast rising in warm water. Afterwards, each child was given a piece of bread dough to make their very own pizza. In the process, they learned the enjoyment of cooking for themselves and the fight over what to put on the pizza was laid to rest. Of course, that meant making lots of bread dough for multiple pizzas, but..no matter.

So hunger for my favourite comfort food begins with a huge bowl engraved with mom on the bottom. But oh so quickly, it fills with memories of children staring into its depths, awaiting the rising yeast.

While I truly do love homemade pizza, it is the memoirs of sharing the process with family and friends that fills my yearning for comfort food. cake top,tea set flowers and chairs

Food’s embedded memories nourish body and spirit. 

That is what we live for.