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How are you?

Fine. You?

I’m fine.

Is that fine fine, or fine because you know I’m not really asking how you are?

As George Bernard Shaw said:

The single biggest problem with communication

is the illusion that it has taken place.

The phrase ‘ how are you’ is merely a social tool for pleasantries.

As is the current on-line greeting,” What’s sup?”

But, how could I convey that I really do care how the person is doing?

How about asking them to describe their day as a weather report.

How’s your weather day?

“Expected a cloudy day with drizzle, but it turned sunny as the day went on”;

Or,” horrific rain storm, but there was rainbow at the end that caught my breath”;rainbow sunshine

Or, “expected clear sky all day but a storm headed in”.

Summing up my day as a personal weather report conveys both emotional context and particulars, in a creative way.



If someone were to ask, how is your weather day, then you’d know it was more than social pleasantries.

They care about your day.

Give it a try.

So, how’s your weather day?