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Some days I want to know how a challenging life situation will turn out. Will the outcome bring resolve or more complexity into it? If I knew the future ending, I’d know the best choice to do today.

Life is filled with far too many unknowns.

So, when I recently came across this seemingly simple question, I knew my answer:

My immediate response was YES. Of course.

But, what is it I really want to know, and why? is it simply so that, in knowing the future, I make the best choice?

While I like to read books where there is a resolve within a book’s situation, living is more than just one of those ‘choose your own adventure’ books. In those books, the reader determines which path, from many, characters make. It allows the reader to create different life stories with the same characters, thereby creating within one story several different endings. An interesting exercise, but hardly the stuff of life.

Living the life experience with its uncertainty is the experience of choosing, and following it through to see where it leads. Only once.

I came to realize that I would choose to not press ‘send’.

I want to experience and feel the emotions that occur when life happens, in its unexpected way.

Living life is about being in one life, experiencing and reacting to it with only the information one has gained thus far.

I want to experience living my life in crescendo, playing my life choices with only the knowledge of the ones I’ve already made, heading into paths that will always have an aura of uncertainty.217571_545922325431963_1781201568_n

With no send option button peaking into the future, living life is always a true adventure.