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5 Regrets of 2012

5 Blessings of 2012

5 Resolutions for 2013

Postings of end of year regrets, reflections and resolutions has filled the blogosphere. 

Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin is perfectWhile many take this moment to consider improving their lives in 2013, others simply use the moment to reinforce their old life choices.

We all tend to want to carry on as usual. 

But, it is good and necessary to reflect.

Good because regrets remind us that we are still learning how to be a person with understanding,compassion and care.

Good because reflection reminds us that every year brings memorable moments, even challenging years.

Good because resolutions remind us that we are all still able to change.

As I age, I am forced to be more honest about my capabilities.While I have ideas for several personal projects, all are tinged by several personal life limitations.

Yet, no matter the age, the yearning to be all that I am able to be never withers.

My Hopes and Aspirations for 2013 are simple.

To live with a continual zest for life with few regrets.

To live life, as best as I can, in every memorable moment, whether this year brings sickness or health, despair or joy, disappointment or fulfillment.

To live with resolved determination, embracing my chosen life motto of living life in crescendo.

As I reflect at this end of year moment, I must ask myself:

Will I always be able to live this motto throughout another year?

Yes. For, it is a choice.

I choose this attitude toward living.

I will hold this motto, no matter what the year brings.

Regrets, remembrances and resolutions.

Waking each morning in 2013 will embrace all of these-

I choose to make the rest of my life the BEST of my ife, Louise Hay

As always. 

Happy New Year!