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Do ovens feel negative energy?

Surely, this is a rhetorical question.

A miserable weekend morning began with bad moods, harsh words, and cruel thoughts. This infuriating morning required a long walk amidst my favourite place.374461_534300643266075_1712223804_n But, an unforgiving attitude affects even the most glorious of days.

Late home, I hurriedly began baking for the week, as is my custom. Grabbing eggs out the fridge, I dropped the package, breaking all but two.

Enough for only one muffin batch, but no quiche for dinner as planned.

Hurriedly preparing the muffins, my still distracted mind noted something wasn’t right. Hum…no sugar. Without stopping to think, I immediately re-scooped the contents of each muffin paper into the bowl, pouring on the cup of sugar, which refused to incorporate into the batter. I smashed them into the still wet muffin cups, literally throwing them into the oven.

Within five minutes a cracking spark drew attention away from my charged thinking as a hot white light illuminated the oven.

The oven element was on fire.

Removing the uncooked muffins, I gently placed them on a cooling rack.

Laughing now, I recalled how often I’ve read how attitude can generated a negative energy that affects one’s motions, memory and mind.

But- an oven element?

That bright light flared as a reminder that a negative mindset was igniting far more than a ruined dinner.

It did not serve me well.

An impromptu dinner was served with healing words.

Multiple nighttime critters gratefully received their served eggs and muffins.

Forgiveness serves abundant nourishing effects.