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Autumn’s approaching shortened days nostalgically remind me of growing up on the East Coast.The transition into fall’s season is heralded by changing multihued leaf colours and feeling the coming winter’s chill.

Thankfully, I live on the beautiful West Coast now. Shortened daylight will bring a mild winter. Lush green abounds year round, for while deciduous trees are abundant, far more are fir.

For me, autumn’s approach heralds my clothesline’s seasonal finale.

With the first whiff of brisk spring wind, I gauge the exact moment I can replace artificial dryer smell with the fresh scent of outdoor air.

The clothesline conducts the tale of each passing season: spring’s long shirts to short sleeves: summer’s beach suits to light jackets; autumn’s light sweaters to winter coats. Each season in turn bestowing their unique scent.

It also reflects life’s passing seasons. Once I stood to hang row after row of white cloth square diapers for five children. These were soon replaced with tiny underwear and teddy bear adorned homemade overalls. Popular children’s TV shows shirts replaced mom’s creations along with stained sports socks and uniforms. Far too quickly, work dress pants and shirts beyond my size hung there. The clothesline’s ever shifting diversity reflected each child’s maturity.

I reach now to properly hang clothing for only

One hard working man

and one hard working woman.

Well, that is, until life’s seasons came full circle …

Next spring, submerging our faces in sun-drenched clothing, Nature’s unique fragrance will embed in my granddaughter’s memory, abiding there forever as it has in mine.