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Like this?

Or this? 

I am a quotes page affectionado. Inspirational, humourous and thoughtful quotes liberally sprinkle my FB page. Oftentimes, an identical quote will appear simultaneously with dramatically different backdrops.

Like this :

To this:

An artist’s visual enhances memories and emotions. Each chosen backdrop is a reflection of their creator.

Each viewer’s response is a reflection of their inherent emotions.

Neither poster is better.

Others simply evoke elusive feelings that words will fail to convey:

A few favourites are: Happy and Free to be ME, IdleHearts, Knowledge is power,The Notebook of Life,Let the Smile be on your face, Let’s strive for a better world together, My Attitude My life My rules, A friend of humanity,Quotes Central, Words of Wisdom

When I envisage life’s experiences, there is often a visual that conveys those thoughts in a more profound and pleasing way.

Entice me with your quotable visual favourites.