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It’s been said that when ‘you loss your mother ,you lose your childhood.” While we have many avenues today to assist us with memories-  video, writing and photos-  it is my mother‘s memories of non-recordable events that I miss most.

For instance, I love the feel of satin. Especially on slips or tips of older blankets. It was only when my mother saw me stroking satin on my adult face (in a fabric store) that she related the life story behind it.

As she prepared supper after picking me up from child care, I had hugged her leg, gently and persistently stroking my hand and face against her satin slip. As a child, stroking my satin top little blanket comforted me in child care, connecting me to that kitchen moment in the only way I could understand.

To this day, satin on my face still fills me with comfort.

Who would have thought to take a photo of me with my hand pushed up against my mother’s skirt, hugging her leg? Or a video? Would any picture ever really convey the emotional bond this simple routine held for me? Or known the lasting affect on my life?

Some days, irrational emotions will bubble forth when we hold ordinary things, hear certain words, or stand in familiar places.

They may seem to have no basis in reason. But, there is a reason.

A reason only a mother knows.