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A recent post by betweenfearandlove’s ends with:

We are where we are. That is what it is. Where we are at this moment in time cannot be changed, but where we are going can. No comparing our journeys. We are where we are. We just have to be willing to start from here. We can’t start anywhere else.

It is the last line that sums it up so well. If you are afraid, it doesn’t help to compare yourself to anyone who is not afraid.

As a young shy person, I was terrified of public speaking. Yet, as I got older,there was much that I wanted to share, and so I could speak and was not afraid. Eventually, I taught public speaking. Knowing and understanding the fear of those in my class, I was excited that they were willing to start to move beyond where they were.

I may have acquired some skills that you do not have yet,and envy the ones you have but I do not. Each of our lives is so wholly unique.

But, I know from experience, that to change from wherever you are, it is only necessary to be willing to start

from right there-

there, where you are.