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I have four (broken) cars sitting in my long driveway. My husband should have been a mechanic. He enjoys tinkering with cars.

Each of our cars that has run their last mile is kept for a time. When you buy older cars, as we do, parts can be hard to find. Since we buy the same car type, we just might have an expensive part in one of these broken cars. My husband receives a lot of teasing about his row of cars. But they are not messy, nor on the road.

You may think this lingering row of cars bothers me.

But, I realize I have my own way of cluttering up his life.

Our house is scattered with my books and writing papers, everywhere.

He has his interests; I have mine.

Occasionally, he’ll remove one car.

Occasionally, I’ll discard some papers.

For those of you still in a young marriage, this is where a long marriage will take you. A marriage flourished when being at home is where spouses are free to pursue what gives them joy. Home is where the traits unique to you are accepted and embraced. Home is where you happily gift your spouse freedom and grace to live their choices.

At my home, I live contentedly,

Beside a long row of broken cars.