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Sipping my first cup of tea this morning, I read blogger Jenna’s love note.

To a Manual Transmission!

Jenna of Daffodils and Dishwasher recent post sure resonates with me.  I am hopelessly non-mechanical and fairly non-coordinated. So learning to drive  a standard took determination. Those who have never driven a standard undoubtedly do not comprehend the thrill of having the raw power in your hands. Isn’t that why all race cars are manual?

I later bonded with our sons teaching them to drive a standard. We all experience the same intensity of fondness expressed by Jenna. In fact, one son recently visiting from afar insisted on driving our standard, because his car rentals are all ‘wimpy’ automatic.

So, Jenna- manual transmissions antiquated? Perish that thought! May you be gifted the thrill of one day bequeathing to your children a love affair-

With their manual transmission!