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I first read the phrase Live Life in Crescendo in a list. It so resonated with me that it became my life motto for aging. It wasn’t until later that I discovered Stephen Covey’s Live Life in Crescendo blog and his meaning for that phrase:

“Living life in crescendo to me means that my most important work is always ahead of me, never behind me. Start living your life in crescendo–and remember your most important work is ahead of you, not behind you! There is so much more to do, to learn and contribute.” What an inspiring way to age well.

Even though he is gone far far too soon, his abundantly gifted words will resonate far into the future and continue to motivate and to challenge.

To say that Stephen Covey will be missed is an extreme understatement. How apropos that just yesterday I was thrilled to finally purchase The Third Alternative, his latest and what some are saying is undoubtedly his most significant book.

 Covey leaves a stunning legacy for us all of Living a Life in Crescendo.