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One day, same event, different people.

So much of living is all about perspective.

We’d decided to take all the boys to ice skating. Since grandma wanted to see them ice skate, we drove into the city to skate at rink close to her. While she was busing there, we were carefully driving on the slippery, rainy highway. With horror, we saw a car enter the highway entrance at too high a speed. Quickly spinning out of control, it began heading towards us.

It’s true that in moments like this time seems to stand still.

My husband carefully braked and steered away from a total head on impact.

I turned my head to look at our children, three asleep and all safely buckled in.

I turned back just in time to see the woman’s fear filled eyes.


As we sat at the side of the road on the highway shoulder, consider where grandma was.

At the ice rink,searching for us .

There were no cells phones then so we had no way to contact her.

Back by the side of the road, the police arrived.

Since it was pouring rain,  the police officer smiled and asked:

Do you mind if the boys sit in the police car?

Surely he was jesting. Would we ever deny these boys such a request?

What a thrill!

My husband and I stood beside the road, awaiting the tow truck, and calmed the shaken but unhurt woman driver.

All four excited boys entered the police car .

He showed them everything, even putting the siren on briefly.

My husband and I were still shaking from the accident, but he’d done his best to minimize the impact, so we were relatively unhurt.

The tow truck came, and once again, the boys were thrilled.

Meanwhile, after sitting alone  for over an hour at the rink ,a distressed grandma finally headed back home.

In horrific weather to wait for her bus.

Trying to calm herself that surely we’d not been in a horrific accident.

Exactly the same time the same day, but:

The grandmother?

Frantically hurrying home, waiting anxiously for a phone call, knowing the terrible things a day came bring.

The children?

in their innocence,excitedly sharing with the tow truck driver their thrilling adventure.

The parents?

Just relieved to all be  heading safely back home, anxious to call grandma.

Perspective can be everything.