Why does it seem to males that female legs look so much better in stiletto heels?

So, we put them on and painfully suffer later.

Which is what I did when I went out for dinner with this new guy.

We were going to a really special restaurant so I wore my 3 1/2 inch stiletto heels.

Instead, on the way, he stopped beside a road and said, “I wanted to take you here first.”

Here? Going down a mud cliff? In these heels?

I scaled that hill, with his hand clutching mine. Ohh, so romantic.

We got to a creek bed. Where I was now required to jump and slide from tilted rock to rock in those heels. He told me a true story about nearly being crushed by a falling rock.

Right there. Where we were standing.

The trip back up over those rocks and up that moutainside was equally challenging.

After that, I always brought along a bag with running shoes, just to be prepared.

Btw, when I mentioned this prompt to my husband, he immediately remembered this day. Hum…maybe those heels were necessary after all….

*Wearing those heels right now to recall the pain, just for this 30 day writing challenge. Check it out here.