“No, no , the potatoes are touching my peas…. the potatoes are touching my peas.. the potatoes are touching my peas.”

(Imagine a Calvin and Hobbes scene here)

I had one son who was very particular about food.  No food on a plate could touch any other or he’d become hysterical and refuse to eat.

Strange how these things develop with children. Not so strange is why parents tend to accommodate them. It is far easier to just work with it because, I learned, this too shall pass.

AH, but bananas were the perfect food. No concern about food cross-contamination or required cutting, like other fruit or vegetables; just hand it over.

He’d ask for his “banananana”, as he always said it, and ate it quickly without any fuss .

And now, for something completely different,  for those interested in the true bio-genetic development history of the banana-

‘Mostly unknown at that time, bananas or yelnas as they were called then, started out in Southeast Asia nearly round, like most fruit

Don Bandana, a monk like George Mendel, was keenly interested in food and genetics. One day, he noted his yelna had more of a tip sprouting out from the bottom. Curious to see if he could lengthen that stretch, he began experimentation. As is typical for most innovative scientists, his experiments were mocked by the fellow scientists and his plantations of stretching bandanas were frequently vandalized. Still, the noble and committed scientist carried on.

Birthing a new and better fruit required warmth, irrigation for abundant water, and money. Lots of money. Over several generations this tip simply stretched and stretched and stretched. Bandana realized the great trade value when he finally produced one he could hold in one hand and peel with the other.

Unfortunately, as he celebrated the zenith of his success by renaming the fruit, loan sharks  lenders noted its uniqueness, and Bandana disappeared.

Too bad no scientist has  discovered a way to make the skin more shell-like, to prevent bruising. Maybe he/she just needs some guaranteed protection.

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Banana guard