Driving up the long driveway, I’m glad I picked this one. With me today is a close friend. On our way to a meeting, I’d asked if we could stop in and, surprising me, she said yes.

My friend and I sit on the grass, admiring the view of the mountains, as I quietly tell her the reason I chose this specific spot.

On a beautiful sunny day, I see these mountains with their breath-taking beauty. It is a connection that always bonded my mother and me. I chose to live in this city because I couldn’t stay away from them; she chose this city because she couldn’t stay so far away from me. Our mutual love for these mountains connects us now in a way nothing else can.

Later, meandering among the tombstones and ‘meeting’ her relatives, she gifted me the heritage of her family.  As we relived the significant moments of their lives, my friend confided that she visits the cemetery when life’s problems overwhelm her.  It reminds her that one day, we will all be here. It is the perfect place to sit and remember that life is all about relationships, our intimate connections with others. It is a life-affirming place to be.

I know, when the time comes; she will visit with me there, or  I her.

Loved ones always remain in our lives, just in a different way.

** Pic from  Happy and Free to be me .

*This is part of a 30 day writing challenge, now in its second half . Check the other stories here.