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“AH, so there you are barefoot , Pregnant, and….. in the kitchen!”

My husband’s lame attempt at humour did make me laugh.

It was just two weeks before due date with a pregnancy that had been most unplanned. My four sons were finally all in school, and I had been considering finishing my degree.

I was so sick throughout the whole pregnancy, and on top of that, we were living the challenges of the first teenager.

When my husband offered this comment,  I was making homemade pizza . Eight of them.

My husband insisted that I was trying to bring on labour.

I wish.

I wanted this surprise ‘caboose’ child to arrive soon

My hope was that I could quickly get back to feeling myself.

It was not to be .

To make a very  l-o-n-g story very short, I ended up with life-threatening bleeding and an emergency c-section.

The first words the obstetrician said to me the next day were: Well, I sure am glad to see you. I was sure we were going to lose you.

My shocked husband turned grey, within a year.

Since I was rather drained for several weeks, my  boys quickly learned how to care for the baby. Yes, they even changed the diaper.

As it turned out, ‘Mr. Caboose’ was an exceptionally good baby and a delight.

A baby can revive everyone’s sense of humour , even sullen teens with rebellious attitudes.

They also bring so much laughter and happiness through their innocent sense of curiosity and wonder about all that life has to offer.

Whenever I hear the phrase barefoot and pregnant  in the kitchen, I recall once again how even  the most unwelcome surprises in life can often turn out to be wonderful gifts.

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**Pic from Happy and Free to be ME .