That’s it, that’s all he said .

No explanations ,no excuses.

Just sorry.

My boyfriend’s family (let’s just call him Sam )had this talking  bird, a myna  . This one wasn’t one of those  colourful parrots.

It said a few sentences but mostly mangled because it was the father ,in his thick accent and often his native tongue, who most interacted with it

So, phrases like pass the salt became piss le sel, and pretty boy, “pretgar”

While some may find this amusing,just try listening to it day after day after day.

Sam totally despised it, vocally and  frequently stating that he wished it would just go ahead and die. In part, Sam’s home was a rather small place, and the myna was in the kitchen/dining room area. It was pretty hard to get away from it . ( okay, okay, I admit, I wasn’t too fond of it either)

So, when Sam’s father granted him the privilege to stay home instead of going on the family vacation, there was only one Rule- Don’t let the bird die.

He became the baby birdsitter.

You may be  thinking Sam saw this as an opportunity to have his wish, a dead myna. Instead,no way was it  going to die on his watch. He’d never live it down.

Every day after school, we cleaned the cage , put in fresh water and fresh seed.  We even made the supreme effort of cutting up some fresh fruit for it, every single day.

We were meticulous , efficient and competent all the while ignoring its incessant chatter.

When we arrived at his place the day his  family would return, we noticed the bird was not on its perch. OH NO

Had we left the cage gate unlatched ?  Oh bother, and clever bird, who knows where  it was now. There was probably bird poop everywhere.

But ,as we approached the cage , we saw the gate latched.

And the bird on the bottom of the cage.

It had expired.


Sam literally picked it up and screamed:

“You Did this on purpose , didn’t you!”

After calming him down,  I  quickly wrapped and placed it in the freezer so we could hatch some plan.

Could we simply take it out half an hour before the family returned  and tie  it on its perch. I mean, no one may notice for quite a while right?

Or, maybe when the father came into the house , we’d make lots of  loud noise,  yank it down with a hidden string and say- oh no, what’s happening to the bird?

Okay, maybe you would’ve hatch better plans.

Those were ours, which we did.


And fooled no one.

So. Sorry.

That’s it, that’s all he said .

No explanations ,no excuses.

Neither man nor  beast  nor even bird can thrive on only food and shelter

It seems, we all need just a little bit of loving.

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