We are all aware that most of us have excess stuff. Too many books( well, I do, or so I’ve been told), too many techo-gadgets , too many degrees, too many…well, need I go on?

Do we also have too many friends, or  close family, or moments to remember, or …

What can we have an excess of  but  not too much of ?

Enthusiasm? Love? Money?

I think it’s different for each individual because what I value and want an excess of  just isn’t necessarily what you want.

First, I want to make sure it is worthy of having in excess.

I want an excess of what I am really able to  have or achieve.

I want an excess of  care and honesty from people.

I want an excess of silly laughing for no good reason, and crying that has a purpose.

I want an excess of  living  life in crescendo , adding to the musical of  life more as I  get older, not less.

Here’s hoping that all your excesses will be satisfyingly filled, excessively.