Who knew the pressure would be so intense?

Who knew that the desire to simply run away from it would be so overwhelming.

Who knew the pressure would leave black and blue marks on my husband’s hands

Who knew that screaming would NOT decrease the pressure but felt good anyways

Who knew why people live through this  every single day despite this painful pressure

Who knew that I’d feel like I was being split inside into two

Who knew the pressure  would make me weep when it finally ended.

“It’s okay now, push and push….ah…here he is !”

So gentlemen (who will never really know) and ladies(some of you who may already know),

You betcha.

Birthing is the experience that creates the most pressure

Inside and outside, physically and mentally.

More stressful painful pressure to finish the task than any job or project or argument or schooling.

The most challenging intense pressure,

With the most amazing reward


*this is written as part of the 30 day writing challenge.Check it out here.