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A road block could be positive or negative. A block to protect us from going over a washed out cliff; or a block to prevent us access to a place where only ‘special important’ people are allowed to go.

This type of  road block make me think of boxes ,where we all can tend to put people, and unfortunately, ourselves as well. It seems easier to place a person in a box than deal with the complexities of their personalities.

And typically those boxes usually begin with an ” ism”- racism, sexism, ageism.

It is mostly ageism that concerns me. Because it is a roadblock for both young and old. It begins with  ‘I can’t do this’  because I am too young, or I am too old. It is a road block to simply getting on with enjoying life to its fullest, whatever that entails for me, for you.

Ageism makes someone say: I can’t start my own business because I am too young, and established business will laugh at my youth.

Agesim makes someone say :  I can’t begin to learn a new language at  90 because others will laugh, claiming its pointless now.

All thoughts of  ‘I can’ts’ specifically tied to age are  highly irrelevant to the real Question-

Would I LIKE to do this? If so , do so.

Ageism  is just another mind-set road block to life enjoyment.

Stomp out agesim . All forms of it simply place an unnecessary roadblock on the road of living life in crescendo .

Oh, and for a wonderful example of a person  who accepts no ageism roadblock, read this article.