It  makes sense to me  to give  a reason for adding someone to my blog roll.

While Craig S. Wilson is an industrial engineer, his blog Live Life in Crescendo (hey, catchy name there) primarily focuses on simply living well  in crescendo. Unlike me, he actually is a musician, so check out his take on what he defines as living in crescendo.

In Craig’s most recent blog he promises a list of  people who are his Crescendo Heroes—individuals that don’t have the time to worry about affliction or dwell on bad karma because they’re creating too much good in their own respective worlds. Sounds interesting. I look forward to reading about those, but I hope he isn’t planning to focus on only the famous.

Far more intriguing would  be people who are not so famous,  simply living life with exuberance, facing whatever life brings to them.

Those can be found in everyone’s neighbourhood, if we only take the time to look.