The goal of these two long time friends is to prepare you to live the second half of your life with style, wit and a dash of imagination. Their book comprehensively covers in one handy volume subjects from health to negative thinking to boomerang children to ageism . Spending time exploring, experimenting and sharing with one another in a concrete way, they managed to bolster each other through their changing lives.Ultimately, they said they felt like two kids on a secret journey, poised on the threshold  of life’s grand phases . They claim their passion empowers their inner child and outer adult alongside their creative and  entrepreneur spirit.

Struggling with what challenges us all, they inspire us to discover what else  our life holds as we live life in crescendo.

The twist within the title coincides with a wonderful phrase in the book- Back Burner Talents.  When we first became adults , what talents were put on the back burner to pursue career choices or life challenges?

As we embrace the second half of life, it’s about time to take those back burner talents, place them on the front burner, and turn up the heat.

*The ultimate midlife handbook.  Authors:  Kate Klimo and Buffy Shutt