Consider a four-year-old struggling to shoes.  Lengthy laces clutched in pudgy fingers, looping to make those ‘bunny ears’.  One drops. A tear trickles from one eye. An intense look of concentration configures the face, trying to remember -how does it go? With creased forehead, slightly stuck out tongue and eyes focusing and seeing nothing but that strand of string, the child is displaying a passion to make those shoes stay tight. Renewed effort gives way to released tension. The radiant face and eyes shine with delight. At last, reward for effort and pride in a skill finally well done.  Amazed, the proud child yells out, “I did it, I did it. Come and see.”

I call this delight driven learning.  It is all encompassing, tapping into the learner’s curiosity and intelligence. The pure pleasure of learning their particular passion is the drive.

It is hardly only for children. There is  so much  yet to  learn, ways to enliven and enrich my own life if I simply foster delight learning.

A recent news article approached this topic, even thought it begins with learning due to unemployment or injures. The professor in this article states that he has found that, with age, there is enormous curiosity for all kinds of things without practical goals or immediate rewards attached.  First though,  I think there just  may be some  unrealistic expectations about perfectionism to discard to re-experience that thrill of  tying your shoes the first time.

Nourishing a passion for delight driven is one way to live in crescendo. Luxuriate in learning everything and anything that inspires you and relish learning for the pure joy  of it. In this way, we can return to a time when most everything was interesting and worth learning.

This is  why I  share  books that offer  stimulating ideas for our minds to ponder.

So tell me, what are you learning new?